Sello Leso is the official voice of the police

MOKOPANE -After a lot of readers asked who exactly is the man behind the name, Bosveld decided to pay him a visit.

As I step into his office at the station there are three cellphones laying in front of him on his desk and he is constantly answering calls and messages with regard to the latest news.

When asked how does he do it all? He simply smiles and says, “I love it.”

Did you always want to become a police man?

“While growing up my friends always teased me and said I have a big head, so I have to one day get a job where I can wear a hat,” he said, laughing. I dreamed of becoming one of three things: an attorney, a policeman or a soldier. Thus far I have achieved one dream and I am working on achieving the second, becoming an attorney. I was 20-years-old when my aunt told me to join the reserve force and there I met a man who became my mentor, then warrant officer Phuti Seepe, who today is an attorney. I hope to one day follow the same path.

When did you join the Mahwelereng Station?

I started my career in Mookgophong and in 2012 I joined the crime prevention unit in Mahwelereng, I was granted a few more opportunities and in July last year I obtained the position as Spokesperson for the Mahwelereng Police station, “What an opportunity it has been thus far.”

What does your job entail?

A lot of people think our only responsibility is to deal with the media, but that is only one of the many responsibilities we have. Among other responsibilities we speak directly to the public, we visit schools and educate the learners on the importance of education and to sustain from criminal activities and substance abuse and we attend tribal meetings. I can’t ask for more. I believe that once I have completed my studies in law, I will be able to take this experience into the court room one day.

Would you say you have grown since you first took on this challenge last year?

There is a saying: “You cannot build a house without getting dirty and losing a few nails”. I have indeed lost a few ‘nails’, but it makes it worthwhile. I have grown a lot and I look forward to bettering myself even more.

What do you find to be most challenging in your job?

Every time I have to assist on a scene were someone has died, especially when it is young people, my heart literally pains. To know that they will never experience the gift of being a parent, falling in love, achieving a dream, saddens me. What also brings me to my knees is when I see young people throwing away their lives by getting caught up in criminal activities and substance abuse.

What would you say is the key to success? Believing and trusting that God is in charge of your life. If you stay humbled, you will go far in life.

What message would you like to give to the community?

Residents need to be the eyes and ears of the police. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the police to be everywhere at all times, so we depend on the community to come forth and report issues of concern to us. If we work together we have a much better chance to win this ongoing fight against crime. I appeal to communities to form part of a Community Policing Forum (CPF). We have really seen a positive change in the villages where a CPF committee have been formed.

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Jolandi Fourie

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