Get creative this World Food Day

World Food Day was established in 1979 and has been celebrated annually world wide on the 16th of October (in honor of the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) since then.

World Food Day has since been observed yearly in more than 150 countries, raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.

Since 1981 the World Food Day has adopted a different theme each year in order to highlight areas need for action and to provide a common focus.  The themes resolve around agriculture (the driving force behind the economies in many developing countries) to improve investments in this area.  You can find a list of past themes at

The theme for 2016 is: Climate is changing.  Food and agriculture must too.

You as a parent can get involved by promoting awareness in your child (since they are the adults of tomorrow who can make a big difference).

Here are two ways in which you as a parent can get involved

Encourage your children to either design a poster or to produce a video on the World Food Day theme and enter the 2016 World Food Day competition.  All children and teens from ages 5 – 19 years old may enter.  Help inspire them with Lorenzo Terranera’s illustrations of their favourite fairy tale characters who identify solutions to climate change and hunger in an enchanted world.

Go to for more information and ideas for your posters and videos.

Did you know!

Did you know that food security is one of the biggest issues related to climate change? The world’s poorest – many of whom are farmers, fishers and pastoralists – are being hit hardest by higher temperatures and an increasing frequency in weather-related disasters (like we saw earlier this year in South Africa).  The world aims to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030; climate change is a challenge that must be addressed in order to continue the fight against hunger and achieve this goal. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is helping countries to improve the global food system and achieve this goal.


Anke van Waveren, Registered dietitian

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