R30 will get you laid

SECURITY guards responsible for the safety of the uninhabited Modjadji Royal Hotel are reportedly cashing in by renting out space at the hotel to couples wishing to have illicit sex.

The fully furnished Modjadji Royal Hotel, which was built at a cost of R13 million in 1999, has never been operational and was later put under the supervision of the department of economic development, environment and tourism (Ledet).

Several concerned citizens who lived in the area, recently complained to CV that the uninhabited building was being used as a brothel by various people including teachers, police officials, nurses, doctors, social workers and even learners from nearby schools.

CV visited the hotel last week. On arrival, the sounds of a couple having sexual intercourse could be heard coming from a thicket.

On realising that they were being observed, the couple quickly disappeared into the bush.

The young woman was dressed in a school uniform.

A security guard at the hotel who mistook CV’s journalist for a customer asked for R30, saying he would allocate the journalist a space near the swimming pool that seemed neglected.

“Because the bathrooms and toilets do not work, the electricity is off, and the beds are old, we only charge R30,” the security guard who did not wish to be identified, explained.

Modjadji royal council chairperson and spokesperson for the Modjadji family, John Malatji, said neither the council nor the family were in charge of the hotel or management of the grounds.

He said the hotel was under the supervision of Ledet.

“If people have turned the place into a place to have illicit sex, that would be a huge insult to the royal family,” he added.

“We, the Modjadjis, uphold our traditions and whoever is using our hotel for anything other than its purpose will be punished,” he said.

Ledet spokesperson, Burcles Napo said the department would dispatch a team to conduct an investigation.

“We cannot sit back with folded arms when our people dishonour the name of the department like that.

“If it is proved that these alleged activities are indeed going on, the security guards, and the company that employs them will face the music,” he said determinedly.

Alex Matlala

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