2 brothers take helm in Matsila east and west

The senior traditional leader of the Masia area, Thovhele Nthumeni Masia places a hat hat on Chief Talifhani's head as the Ndumi.

ELIM – THE Matsila community’s leaderless 10-year existence came to an end on Saturday when brothers, Livhuwani “Nkhiphitheni” Matsila and Calner “Talifhani” Matsila ascended the throne.

During the past 10 years, the communities were informally led by the Matsila family.

The ceremony was held in Matsila village near Elim and was characterised by inter-cultural activities with tshikona, tshigumbu, xibelane, tshigombela and malende dances to heal the land.

The area’s overseer, Thovhele Nthumeni Masia, said they had a vast portion of land on which they found it suitable to place the brothers as leaders.

Masia told Talifhani to look after the flock in the western part, while Nkhiphitheni was tasked to head the eastern part.

He warned them not to be selfish or to develop a bad attitude towards the people.

“Don’t listen to gossip because you will end up having more unnecessary enemies than friends. Don’t mingle with boys in bar lounges because people will lose respect for you,” he advised.

“We are happy that these two leaders are educated, and they know the needs of their people,” he said.

“We are also tired of self-acclaimed historians who just encroach on our portion of land, trying to re-write our history.”

He further said current community projects in the Tshisimani area, which were started in 2010, included poultry farming, egg production, livestock, and gardening, which should continue to create jobs for the community.

ANC chief whip, Dr Mathole Motshekga, said the two chiefs should ensure moral regeneration.

“Young people should know their roots and now is their time to learn from their elders. The Matsila community has vast land where they can farm, and it is on the shoulders of these two brothers to encourage people to plough.

“It is our culture to till the land and produce food for ourselves,” he said.

Japan Mphephu, a representative of king Toni Mphephu, said the brothers had a long way to go, and should continue to respect each other.

He said the Mphephu dynasty would have an eye on them to ensure they led by example.

Nyambeni Mandiwana

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