Polokwane entrepreneur plans to wipe out the competition

POLOKWANE – Hailing from Seshego decided he wanted to start his own toilet paper manufacturing company.

“During my studies I realised we were always running out of toilet paper so I began to wonder which company was supplying us with toilet paper. From there I got very close with some of the people who work for the company in question and I learned a bit more about the manufacturing process involved with making toilet paper. I began doing research about how how and what it will take for me to actually have my own toilet paper manufacturing company,” he explained.

Thabang added his idea only started coming to life last year when he moved back home to Polokwane and he decided to buy the machine necessary to create toilet paper.

“I saw a need to start making and selling toilet paper, not only to generate an income but to empower other youths such as myself who have knowledge and skills about manufacturing but have nowhere to put those skills and knowledge to use. We are running a converting plant where we buy huge chunks of uncut toilet paper which we then cut and package to sell. We are working towards making the toilet paper from scratch so we can add our own unique touch and increase our profits which will promote business growth. We plan to soon be able to supply toilet paper throughout the province and soon the entire country,” he added.

In order to do that, they will need a recycling machine which makes jumbo rolls of toilet paper. This, according to the young entrepreneur, will be another division of his company which will produce toilet paper and various other products such as cardboard boxes, paper, newspapers and magazines.

He currently employs three youths from Polokwane who share his interests and profession aspirations, Olebogeng Tlokwana, Kholofelo Motladi and Kgaugelo Maphoto.


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