New sponsor to fuel Baroka’s way forward in PSL

LIMPOPO – The official launch was held at Meropa Casino in Polokwane last Monday.

Global Oil Chairperson, John Mphosi, said his company realised Baroka, who are struggling to uplift the standard of football in the country as well as create jobs through sport, needed financial and resource assistance. He expressed the hope that, through the partnership, the team’s performance would improve drastically in league matches.

He added it was a smart move for GlobalOil to sponsor Baroka and that it will boost the morale of the players. Baroka Chairperson, Khurishi Mphahlele, said the new partnership would enhance the profile of his team. Its quest to secure a financial sponsor gave it a competitive edge, not only on the field of play, but also in boosting its corporate image. Mphahlele added Baroka were glad to be associated with a ‘visionary company that is preparing to grow with a team operating in underprivileged communities’. “We want to make this team the best while it is in our leadership. We don’t own this team, it belongs to the people of Limpopo, so we want to make sure we look after their team,” Mphahlele said. He promised the club’s supporters they would play high-quality football from now on. “We will avoid the relegation ghost that is knocking on our door,” he added.

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