Boxer’s triumph causes quite a stir

LIMPOPO – Maluleka, a female boxer from Shigamani village in Malamulele, recently won the South African Boxing Amatuer Female Championship in Mpumalanga. This victory caused quite a stir and made people take notice of her talent and skill.

“I’m delighted by the victory but now I have my sights set on professional boxing because I think I am ready. Boxing is a good sport and it encourages the youth to stay away from things like substance abuse and crime because they will spend their time more productively in the boxing gym instead of on the streets,” she said.

“It is worrisome that boxing in South Africa is still underrated and not taken as seriously as in other countries. This is the main reason it is not televised or broadcasted on the radio like other sporting codes.”

She believes anyone can be good at boxing, regardless of where they are from.

Her trainer, Eric Baloyi of the Malamulele Boxing Club (MBC), described Maluleke as good and disciplined as well as someone who always shows commitment to her boxing career.

“She always attends training sessions and gives 100% at the gym. She is definitely going places with this level of commitment,” he said.

Maluleke was crowned the best female boxer in 2012 and in 2016 she won the Nelson Mandela Champion League. Her goal is to conquer Africa and the world with her boxing prowess.

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