Dance group helps keep culture alive

LIMPOPO – The club consists of 12 women from Eldorado who formed the club four years ago and they perform at parties, weddings and municipal events across the Capricorn District Municipality.

Eldorado Manthaodi Women’s dance club Chairperson, Mary Motiapoto, said they decided to form the dance club to keep themselves fit and entertain people.

“At first we were only dancing to keep ourselves healthy but we soon realised we could use this exercise to generate money,” she said.

Mary told CV people started inviting them to perform at their functions and soon they were making a lot of money.

“We then decided to open an account for our club and today we are happy women because we not only manage to stay fit and healthy, we also manage to make money.”

She added they bank the money they receive for their performances and share it among themselves every December.

“The little we share really helps us a lot because we are able to buy groceries and school uniforms for our children,” she said.

“We also buy proper uniforms for our club to make an even greater impact when we perform.”

The Club Secretary, Conny Mahlaka, said by doing this they also teach their children more about their culture and heritage.

“It is crucial that everyone embrace their culture and traditions to protect them from disappearing,” said Mahlaka.

“Our wish is to get a sponsor which will help us record our own music video which will in turn help us to reach a wider audience as well as help to supplement our dancing income.”

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