Kids get upliftment advice

LIMPOPO – These visits formed part of government’s back to school campaign aimed at motivating the class of 2018 to focus on their studies from the start of the year.

“Those of you who are poor should not fret as your lives haven’t started yet.

You are poor because your parents did not have the opportunity you have today,” she said, urging the learners to study hard in order to change the poor state of their families.

“Whatever the situation is at your home today, you can change it tomorrow with the power of education. You can live a life your parents couldn’t due to poverty,” she said, before turning to parents to urge them to monitor their kids at home.

“We always hear accusations that the teachers have failed our children, which in most cases are baseless,” she said, adding the responsibility also lies with the parents to make sure their children focus on their education.

“During the final examination there’s no chance to cheat because the invigilators are there which is why there are instances where a learner is doing well throughout the year but fail in the final exam,” she said.

“Things like this happen which is why you shouldn’t blame teachers for your child’s failures or move them to another school without first finding out the reasons behind their poor performance.”

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