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1. What inspired you to be in radio and since it’s Women’s Month what can you say has been your greatest achievement to date? From Cuthbert in Polokwane CBD.

“I have always wanted to be on radio from an early age, since I was 14 to be precise, reason being radio is the most powerful medium of our time and it has always been. I always saw myself playing a huge role in changing people’s lives through this medium and I am happy that today I am living my dream through Energy FM. My greatest achievement thus far was when I was promoted to the position of current affairs producer from a news reader.”

2. If you were to trade your radio job, what would it be and why?

“Well, this is a tough one because I have always wanted to work on radio, but if I had no choice I would have been a social worker or psychologist because I get so much joy from helping people.”

3. If you were to interview a person like Oprah Winfrey what is the one question you would ask and why?

“I am very happy that you thought of asking me this question because Oprah is one of the many female icons I look up to and draw strength and inspiration from. She is a media mogul, something which I dream to be as I continue my journey in the media field. Coming to your question, Oprah has been through so much in life yet she has remained strong throughout and I wish many of us (today’s women) can get inspiration from her. One question I will ask her is “How do you do it, Oprah, in this tough world that is sometimes not very kind to women?”

4. What kind of music do you listen to because the current affairs show hardly plays any music. Mamiky from Ga-Mamadila

“I listen to all genres of music but especially pop (African) and reggae.”

5. How do manage to put together such a big show in just one afternoon? Kholofelo Mamabolo

“I am a journalist by profession and my knowledge of news and politics makes it easier for me to put together a show of this magnitude. I also always read newspapers and follow verified Twitter and Facebook accounts to get an idea of what is happening. Honestly it is a very big and challenging show but I love what I do.”

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