Get to know Energy FM’s Matlhako Ramoroko

POLOKWANE – This week we find out more about Energy FM presenter, Matlhako Ramoroko in BONUS’ collaboration with the local radio station aimed at giving readers and listeners the opportunity to ask their favourite presenters questions.

Energy FM presenter, Matlhako Ramoroko. Photo: Supplied

1. How many times do you bath per day?Nicolas Sambo @ UL.

“Lol! Twice a day, in the morning and depending on my activities during the day I’ll have the second one in the late afternoon or in the evening.”

2. Why did you choose radio and who is your inspiration and why?Isaac Makola A.K.A Sakkie.

“I chose radio because of its immediate, engaging and live concepts. I have worked for newspaper and magazine media and found it to be slower in getting information out to the people. Radio can break a story as it happens so literally I’m on the pulse of issues and events happening around us. I love its infotainment aspect of communication, combining serious issues like politics and social issues while giving you entertainment with music and the more lighter news of what celebs and artists get up to.

I am inspired by many people, my mother is the first. She has made sure she is part of a support structure for everyone in my family by motivating us to go all out in pursuit of our dreams. She is my example of a woman who overcomes limitations, smiles in adversity and remains humble despite her achievements. Women such a Maya Angelo, Iyanla Vanzant and honestly every person who has come from backgrounds or experiences that could easily be reason to accept and remain in poverty or situations that could possibly limit one from being a better person either in personal growth or professional pursuits but chose to keep striving to improve their lives, those are the people that inspire me a lot Sakkie.”

3. News reading sounds an easy task to be performed within seven minutes, how much time do you take to prepare news and does this task have challenges and do you love it?Justice Ngoepe from Moletjie Motinti.

“Practice, practice and more practice Justice, that is what it takes to sound effortless on air. It’s a challenge to read a bulletin without mistakes, breathing techniques are essential and some words are tricky to pronounce while at other times I want to sneeze or cough in the middle of a reading. Lol! While some stories leave me wanting to give an opinion about it, but I can’t do that. It takes me around 20 minutes to prepare a bulletin.”

4. How do you spend your free time?Justice Ngoepe from Moletjie Motinti.

“I spend it with my son. We go on mom and son dates, or just play and colour in colouring books at home. I visit friends and sometimes I take trips to places I have never been and I read books, watch movies and documentaries and of course play music.”

5. Most celebrities read books, do you currently have a book you are reading and why?Justice Ngoepe from Moletjie Motinti.

“I have recently finished the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green. I read it to learn how to read beyond people’s surface impressions and intentions. The book is not a once-off read, you need to continuously go back to it.”

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