Tuesday Life Hack: 6 things you can do with hairspray

There are certain items that you have lying around in your bathroom cabinet that may just perform more than one function. Hairspray is one of those items and one never thinks about their power beyond styling your hair but they can be a very handy companion for other things as well.

Hairspray has become a far more environmentally option in recent years.

Here are six things you can use hairspray for:

1. Help set your make-up

It’s a trick drag queens have been using for decades but after putting on some make-up, spraying a little bit of hairspray on your face helps the make-up settle and helps it to last longer. Just make sure you don’t spray too much and don’t get any in your eyes.

2. Make your flowers last longer

Whether they are artificial or real flowers, spraying a little hairspray on them will make them last longer especially if they have already started drying up.

3. Recycle your newspapers without sticky ink

There are so many ways to recycle newspapers. One of them is using them as gift wrapping paper but what happens when the ink transfers onto your hands? Hairspray can prevent the ink from transferring if you spray some on the newspaper and let it dry.

4. Remove stains on fabric

Hairspray can be a great stain remover for fabric, just spray the part of the fabric that is stained and rub gently until the stain disappears.

5. Stop that pantyhose run

If your pantyhose has a run, spraying hairspray on it will prevent it from running further.

6. Remove pet hair from furniture

When you have pet hair on your furniture, take a cloth and spray it with hairspray before applying the cloth to the parts of the furniture that have hair on them. The hair will stick to the cloth and not your furniture.


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