Phinnet Photography aims to develop talent

POLOKWANE – The two share a common vision and passion of promoting arts in Limpopo which led them to establish Phinnet Communications.

Phinnet Photography, Phinnet Films, Phinnet Creative and Phinnet Entertainment all fall under the Phinnet Communications umbrella, a company which aims to produce local content.

With this in mind, Phinnet Photography introduced the Snap and Go package. “It is aimed at promoting family time because most people are so busy that they can’t make time for a photoshoot with their families and they end up taking selfies. When you go into people’s houses, you find photos that were taken 10 or even 20 years ago because they do not have time to take recent photos due to today’s rushed lives. We plan to work with shopping malls where people can come in when they are shopping or coming to eat to quickly have the photographs taken. After they have finished their shopping or meals they can take their memories home as their photographs will be edited, framed and ready for collection. We’re mainly targeting family time so families can take their memorable moments home with them,” Moses said.

Aside from this initiative they also have upcoming workshops aimed at empowering local photographers. “We realised there are people who are passionate about photography but they haven’t been exposed to the industry. We can’t just give out cameras and send people on their way, the best thing you can give a person to empower them is experience. We try to expose them to established photographers so they can see what the industry is all about. The dates for the workshops have not been finalised yet but we look forward to it.”

Moses Mwase, co-founder of Phinnet Communications.

In order to put their plans in motion to help empower others they are in need of sponsors for their projects.

Phinnet Films will produce local artists, especially gospel artists as there are many in the province who have an abundance of talent who lack the necessary support in terms of visuals.

“We’ll also be doing promotions whereby we scout talented individuals, produce and promote them. So far we have done a trial on a zero budget with an artist called Ngola. The music video is now on One Gospel so it just shows that if we continue doing this, we could put Limpopo on the map. Imagine what can come out if we had the budget. We’d be a nightmare for even Johannesburg producers,” Moses added.

As for photographers, he said in order for them to achieve success they need to stop being money-driven and instead be driven by their passion for the industry.

“We have many talented youths who come to us for assistance and we can offer them experience, but what then? That’s why we need small and big companies to finance into our vision. We need people who will come forward to help us achieve our goals and we need to work together to lessen the burden on one specific company. If we fail to get this idea off the ground many local talented artists will go to Gauteng for services they can get here in Limpopo.”

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