Big dreams for Jane in a male dominated world

POLOKWANE – It takes a strong woman to stand up for herself and not admit defeat when faced with overwhelming odds.

Jane said as long as she had a pair of willing hands, she could not sit back and let poverty get the better of her family. I

t is said by the sweat of his brow, man will have food.

The mother of five had to find a way to provide for her children so she decided to take a firm stand and make it in this male-dominated world.

“In 2014 I realised I could not just sit and do nothing as I had a family to look after. I started to sew traditional clothes and create traditional pots and dishes, used a long time ago by the older generation for eating and drinking purposes. I make them in the field and sell them to the community. I sell some of them plain and undecorated, and others I make with designs and patterns. I sell from house-to-house around my village. It isn’t so much about the selling, I teach and empower others so that they can also make a living from this and I currently have a work station, where I work and sell my products. From this project I can provide food for my family and pay school fees,” she explains.

“I would like to thank the Polokwane Municipality for their support in organising a flea market so we can showcase our products, and the people who continue to support small businesses so we can to put food on the table. The success of a business depends on the owner – you must have a welcoming attitude towards your customers and you’ll never go wrong. As old as I am, I still see myself becoming a millionaire with the very same business that looks small, because I believe that the Lord will see us through.”

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