Mopedy moves back into the spotlight

Rapper Mopedy says his fans should expect more from him this time.

POLOKWANE – Following a two-year hiatus, Mopedy recently released Ke Rata Jwala which, according to him, has since its release received lots of love from his fans, social media followers, radio stations and clubs.

Mopedy says judging by the reception Ke Rata Jwala is receiving, it is clear he has his mojo back and his spark is shining brighter than ever.

Mopedy is a South African Pedi rapper born and raised in Makotopong outside Polokwane.

In 2015 after he had performed in all major platforms in the province, he had gathered a huge support base and was on the verge of breaking into the country’s mainstream music industry.

He says he decided to take a break from the music industry as he felt the passion had ran dry and that he was no longer enjoying making music. “The excitement of hearing my music playing on media platforms, seeing my name and photos on print publications or hearing people chant my name when I was on stage had died, however, that did not stop me,” he adds.

For two years, Mopedy stayed away from the studio and stopped writing music, although he would from time to time honour bookings to perform at what he termed ‘meaningful events’. He distanced himself from the music.

Mopedy’s main focus later shifted to mentoring new artists, building his events and artist management company, Verbal Silence Entertainment, establishing a non-profit company that donates clothes to needy babies called Help-Us-Dress-A-Baby, while enjoying his new role as a father to his now two-year-old daughter, Leago.

After his first year at University of Limpopo where he studied water and sanitation, Mopedy dropped out to pursue his career in music where his decision saw him leaving Polokwane to stay in Johannesburg. He says in Johannesburg it became easier for him to shine due to him being the only rapper in the scene whose lyrics were being delivered in his mother tongue, Sepedi, since English, Zulu and Setswana rappers were dominating.

The link to download Mopedy’s new single Ke Rata Jwala for free is on his Facebook page timeline and on his Instagram bio, which goes by the username ‘Mopedy’ on both platforms.


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