Take advantage of the muni debt relief scheme

POLOKWANE – The Polokwane Municipality is calling on residents to take advantage of the municipal debt relief incentive scheme that is coming to an end on 29 September.

“The Polokwne Municipal Council approved the incentive scheme in 2015 with the purpose of encouraging debtors to settle their outstanding accounts. The settlement scheme caters for businesses, property owners and residential account holders,” Municipal Stakeholders Relations Officer, Disree Manyane said.

The incentive benefits offered to all ratepayers approved by the Council are:

1. That upon participation, a write-off of 50% be made on back-charges and interest, in respect of accounts that are back-charged for services, if paid in full.

2. That regarding businesses, a write-off of interest and 40% upon settlement be applicable.

3. That property owners, whose tenants left an outstanding balance on the account after moving out, a debt of 50% be written off as well as interest.

4. That regarding residential accounts, a write-off of interest and 40% upon settlement.

5. That any other offer to pay, be approved by the chief financial officer or the municipal manager.

6. That the incentive benefit only be allowed once per account, for the settlement of arrear accounts and that settlement of the amount be done within the month of calculation.

The municipal council has resolved that the incentive scheme be discontinued from 29 September. The public is encouraged to take advantage of the incentive scheme.


• Application form obtainable from Office 109.

• Calculations provided from Office 109.

• Identity document copy or copy of business registration.

• Proof of payment.

In order to participate and enjoy the benefits offered by this relief programme, either of the following arrangements can be made for application and to obtain a calculation of your settlement.

• Consumers may visit office 109 at the civic centre where the discount calculations will be done.

• Emailing: [email protected] or,

• The following numbers can be contacted:

(015) 290 2046/2120/2041

[email protected]

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