Rito brings the party to Limpopo

POLOKWANE – Born and bred in Giyani and now living in Polokwane, Rito Rhema Hlungwani is one of the city’s movers and shakers.

“Some things you are born with, I personally grew up in a business which inspired me to become a businessman myself. Although people don’t consider it a business, I grew up in church. The reason I say a church is a business is because there are committees and people you interact with daily. I moved back to Polokwane in 2003 from Pretoria to work for my brother’s company as a general manager. As there was a gap in the outdoor advertising and promotion sector, we founded Blue Raindrops. When my brother, Jay Hlungwani, passed away, the DStv iRock music festival was born in 2014 to celebrate him and his life. This festival has become an annual feature on the Polokwane entertainment calendar. I always had a passion of youth development, especially in the arts and culture sector to uplift the new upcoming artist from Limpopo. I hope to help them reach the national stream and the DStv iRock festival is one of the platforms I use.”

Rito currently has 12 permanent employees and during the DStv iRock he employs around 500 or more temporary employees to help with the festival.

“Although this employment is only temporary, I think it has an economic impact. Thus far I am happy with what I’ve achieved. The secret behind my success is focus, but most of all you should have a hunger because hunger will determine your consumption. I again base my success in God and I believe beyond the sky is the limit. What makes DStv iRock blossom as an event is I put everything in God’s hands but I still add a unique touch to it to ensure when you think of an even in Limpopo, you think of the DStv iRock festival and when you think of growing your business in a marketing perspective, you think of Blue Raindrops.”

Rito says the DStv iRock music festival tour has begun and this year, it will be held from 21 to 24 September with tickets are already selling like hotcakes and the sponsorship expanding in margins.

“I thank the people of Limpopo for their continuous support as well as the Southern African development community – the people who come from Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland just to join the DStv iRock music festival. I especially thank the sponsors for making this event memorable and even better than the year before. To the youth who want to make it in life my advice is to do proper research in all you want to do, and don’t rush ‘cause you’ll crush.”

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