Child Medi cares for your child when you can’t

POLOKWANE – Due to the high demand on state medical healthcare, it is often not of the same standard as at private medical institutions and there is a long wait for the needed assistance and care.

In the last nine months three children from the city were helped by the Child Medi Organisation.

They are Kosie Wessels, who lost his hand in a bomb cracker accident, Mia le Grange, who was born prematurely and needed medical assistance, and Rosemary Auret who was born with Hirschsprungs, a colon condition present at birth, causing severe constipation.
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Review spoke to Nadia de Waal from Child Medi organisation about how the organisation came about and what they do.

“Child Medi Organisation was born due to what we and others have experienced at provincial hospitals. There are long queues at provincial hospitals and immediate care is not always available,” she explained.

“We focus on critical medical aid to children by liaising with doctors, hospitals and clinics. We deal with trained individuals and volunteers who devote their time and services for the health and well-being of children in need. As secondary function we also supply food packs and clothing to children. Our vision is to extend our services countrywide with a strong assistance network to be a part of the solution to the current dilemma in which our children find themselves, and to improve their life expectancy and family life.”

Child Medi Organisation helps children who are in need of urgent medical attention and who were either pushed aside, turned away or just not helped at provincial hospitals. They were registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in February 2016 and recently also become a public benefit organisation.

“We assists those who cannot get to a doctor or hospital. The majority of our funding comes from our own people and thanks to that we can make a difference in the lives and well-being of children who are in need of medical attention. No salaries are being paid from our funds and we don’t give money to people but pay hospitals and doctors directly,” Nadia added. Patients are chosen on merit and Child Medi Organisation also supplies wheelchairs, medical apparatuses and glasses to children. Child Medi Organisation tries to help every child, but more serious or life threatening cases get preference.

“Sometimes we only give advice as to where proper help can be received. We stopped counting the children we help as we never stop helping them. The personnel are all volunteers and working in the medical industry. If more money was raised than what was needed to help one child, Child Medi Organisation uses the money to help another child in need.”

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