Singer raises his voice against abuse

POLOKWANE – Gospel singer, Ngola Lekgothoane, has challenged men across the country to take a stand against the abuse of women and children.

The 41-year-old who hails from Ga-Mphahlele Makarung is determined to fight this battle and is heartbroken by the alarmingly high rate of women and children who are abused and killed in South Africa. The victims suffer abuse and violence from their respective partners and guardians in silence, as they depend on them for essentials such as food, shelter and clothes.

Lekgothoane plans to use his golden voice in this fight and is currently working on a song called Peace in Our Land which conveys a heartfelt plea to men to stop abusing women and children.

“My father taught me that women and children have to be loved, protected and taken care of, not abused and killed. It saddens me to see how the men of today treat women. When God had created the heavens and the earth, He created a man first and when He was satisfied with the man, He created a woman. He took ribs and bones from the man and created a woman. He called His new creation a woman because she was from the man, to complete the man.

“The intention was for a man and a woman to live together in peace and harmony. We as men need to be the protectors and providers for our women and children, and I feel the abuse and violence will only stop if we stand up as men and say: ‘Enough is enough, not in my name will I allow any woman to be intimidated, abused or violated in any way’.”

Lekgothoane pleads with all male artists to come together and contribute to this song which will help to get the message across. He explained that the money and royalties generated from the song will be donated to charity houses that cater for women and children who are victims of abuse and violence.

“We hear of men who see women as being only good for carrying babies. Some women are abused, raped and for no apparent reason, others are beaten and often accused of being disrespectful for speaking their minds and expressing their feelings, and are sometimes killed when they try to voice their opinions. This has to stop.”


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