Learners urged to study meteorology

Weather and climate expert and analyser on PhalaPhala FM radio, Shumani Mugeri-Manenzhe (left ) with Mbilwana Primary School learners, the Principal, Nkhanedzeni Dzaga (right) and a teacher of the school, Dzulani Konanan (middle).

LIMPOPO – Through this Mugeri-Manenzhe aimed to motivate learners to study the weather and climate as a possible career choice. He explained this is a challenging and interesting career, but one needs to master and pass mathematics and science in Gr 12.

Mugeri-Manenzhe said he learnt everything he knows about weather and climate as a career while he was a secondary school learner, but he wanted learners to study the career at an early stage at primary school level.

“I have visited countries like Germany, Russia, and Japan, among others, to discover more about weather and climate.

“I advise you to learn and practice mathematics and science starting from an early age,” said Mugeri-Manenzhe.

He visited the school on Thursday when he was invited to motivate learners about pursuing meteorology as a career, and learners and teachers listened attentively as he discussed weather and climate change and global warming.

The Principal, Nkhanedzeni Dzaga, said he decided to invite the weather and climate expert after he found out that his learners only know about being a doctor, teacher or nurse as a career.

According to Dzaga, Mbilwana Primary School, which is also the feeder school for the well-known Mbilwi Secondary School, aims to produce scientists and meteorologists in the near future.

“I want my learners to know more about studying the weather and climate as a career they can follow after passing Gr 12.

“It is encouraging and motivating to be taught by someone you hear on the radio almost every day, and who also comes from your village,” he said.

One of the learners, Amukelani Rikhotso, said after being motivated by Mugeri-Manenzhe, she would work harder in maths and science so she is able to pursue a career in meteorology.

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