Dan villagers master the art of flexing their muscles

Members of Matimba Weightlifting Club proudly show off their well-developed bodies and impressive six packs.

LIMPOPO – Bodybuilding is one of the best sporting codes when it comes to making the body proportionally shaped and fit.

It also has other benefits such as increasing self-esteem, improving health and mood, reducing stress and frustration, improving sleeping patterns, distracting the mind from worries and difficult life events and situations, thus helping to gain control of life, body and mind.

In Dan village near Tzaneen, a group of about 40 young people are not only enjoying a feeling of empowerment over their body and mind, but they are slowly transforming themselves into sexy bodybuilders after they started a weightlifting club about five years ago.

Matimba (power) Weightlifting Club was started by local villager, Raymond Makhubele (30), after he bought some training equipment and turned his parent’s old backyard mud house into a private gymnasium.

“I opened the club to the public as I wanted to share my passion with other young men in the village”

“When I invited them to join the club, I was surprised by the positive response,” he said, adding that he started lifting weights at the age of 16.

He said the bodybuilders meet every afternoon to train for two hours and each member pays a monthly fee of R35, which is used to buy new equipment and to pay for the general upkeep of the gymnasium.

“We are a supportive group of friends. We encourage each other to exercise and to build muscles, and now we have our share of female admirers in the village”

He said the weightlifting club was helping to fight crime in the village by keeping unemployed youth off the streets, and that it was also beneficial to those who are still at school because it helps them to control their mind, and improves their ability to focus on their studies.

“To obtain a lean body and a six-pack stomach, you need discipline and focus. We work hard every day, but it is fun and we enjoy it,” said Nyiko Hlongwane, adding that the club’s main problem was a lack of space and shortage of training equipment.

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