UniLim students demand better protection from Nyaope boys

University of Limpopo students fear for their safety off campus.

POLOKWANE – Angry University of Limpopo (UL) students recently attacked a man suspected of terrorising students living off campus.

The students embarked on a crime awareness march in Makweng last Tuesday where they marched to the Mankweng Police Station to hand over a memorandum demanding police protect them from criminals who rob and rape them on their way to and from the campus at night.

During the march the students chased and caught the man suspected of committing these acts against students. The students assaulted him and he was left with minor injuries.

According to the students, a female student was recently abducted at her off campus room while several others were robbed.

During the handover of the memorandum the UL Student Representative Council (SRC) Deputy President, Given Malatjie, said they fear for their lives.

“We urge the police to work with us to ensure the struggle and crimes we face in the Mankweng area as students comes to an end,” Malatjie said.

“Nyaope and drugs have taken over the youth of Mankweng and that should not be undermined because they steal from us to fund their drug habit.”

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Mankweng Police Station Acting Station Commander, Jonathan Mathabatha, said they welcome the memorandum and vowed to address the students’ grievances to ensure their safety at all times.

“Several arrests have been made this year and we believe through hard work in our communities we can bring the crime to an end. Our children are the future leaders of this country and we need to teach them a better way of life while they are still young,” Mathabatha said.

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