Get eggcited and save this coming Easter

This coming weekend is Easter weekend and for some it is a deep and spiritual time. Others see it as a time of relaxation and fun. Whatever your plans are for the weekend, you will have to spend some money.

Wikus Olivier, debt management expert at DebtSafe, shares a few ideas on making Easter not only enjoyable but also affordable:

If you enjoy baking and brewing then this will be an ideal, and affordable, tip for you. “Homemade treats are the best when it comes to your taste buds and pocket, so why not make your own Easter treats, with basic ingredients, instead of giving in to the temptation of buying expensive chocolate eggs or bunnies? Make it personal this Easter and find the best homemade recipe to suit your pocket.”

  • Fun and affordable activities

Don’t worry about entertaining the children and older people, this coming Easter. There are quite a few activities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. “Find the closest thing at home that the children can decorate and use as an Easter basket. Use real, hard boiled eggs to put in the basket, that they can decorate with markers, wrapping paper or leftover paint. Easter baskets can also come in handy as table decorations. And what about a fun and affordable egg hunt that the kids can entertain themselves with. Egg hunts do not necessarily have to be with expensive chocolate eggs or bunnies – why not call it a candy hunt and use items at home as well as affordable candy.”

  • Sharing is caring

“Easter Weekend should be a time of joy, relaxation and quality time with loved ones. You don’t have to leave the house or go to extremes to have an enjoyable Easter lunch. What about a Bring and Braai or a nice picnic in the garden? Not only will you have a more personal setting but you, and those around you will save some money. Let every person bring their own meat as well as their favourite, and easy to make, dish. Remember sharing is caring.”

  • Save money if you intend to travel

Olivier says there are quite a few ways to save on your fuel usage:

  • If you have to travel during Easter weekend and friends or family members are also driving from your area to the same destination, drive together in two cars instead of three.
  • Avoid toll routes where possible and take alternative roads instead.
  • Make use of your rewards systems, if you have any, to fuel your car.
  • Make use of a convenient cellphone app, such as fillapp to regulate your fuel usage as well as saving money by knowing when to fill your tank before or during the Easter weekend.
  • Remember diesel is not regulated, so if you need to fill your tank with diesel, have a bit of patience and do your homework on petrol stations beforehand. You will then know which fuel stations offer a better price on diesel.
  • Ensure you check your tyre pressure regularly to improve fuel efficiency.


“Easter weekend is almost here. If you have not had the chance to draw up your Easter budget yet, there is a bit of time left to do so.  Get your money saving plan going to have a fun-filled and affordable Easter weekend with family and/or friends. If, however, your current situation is looking gloomy and you have no financial breathing space to enjoy even a simple Easter weekend, start your journey with DebtSafe.”

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