How to make the switch from walking to running

POLOKWANE – The transition from walking for exercise to running a marathon is something that is seen frequently in the city.

He said that the switch between the two is in fact a matter of exercise and hard work.

“Walkers will get to a stage where they are fit enough to become runners and may feel that it is time to make the transition. This starts with exercise and bringing running into the training programme,” he said.

He advised that it is important that walkers training to run start to run short distances.

“They can start to run and see what their bodies do. Walkers are not used to the punishment that running puts the body.

They can better this by regular exercise and practice, every time a bit further and further until they are able to run the full 10 km or 21 km, depending on their own goals.”

Marais said that the choice between running and walking is determined by each individual and that both are equally important for staying fit.

He added that walkers should keep in mind that becoming a runner does not happen overnight, it can take up five to six months, it takes dedication and includes between two and three sessions a week, and serious runners will practice between five and six times a week.

From walking to running takes training and this eight-week programme is a good place to start:

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Riana Joubert

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