Syneth’s daily balancing act

POLOKWANE – Whether she is busy with her bookkeeping duties at Energy FM or dividing her attention between her three kids, Syneth Malale always manages to find the perfect balance.

Born and raised in the rural village of Balloon Ga-Mantjana in Sekororo near Tzaneen, Syneth completed high school in 2002 but due to her financial background, she could not afford to further her studies.

Instead, she studied several short courses such as computer literacy, business management, crop production, and firefighting. She studied financial analysing at IQ Academy which started her on the road to bookkeeping.

“I enrolled as a technical financial accountant at Boston Business College and although I haven’t finished the course, I plan to definitely finish it this year. My future plans include venturing into the small business world,” she told BONUS.

Syneth explained her love for figures and problem solving makes bookkeeping a good fit for her. “Bookkeeping for me is like an art of recording, classifying, and summarising.

“It requires great focus and concentration because if one number is missed, the books will not balance,” she explained.

Her supportive family and colleagues are the glue that helps Syneth balance her life. They keep her motivated to continue bettering herself while helping her keep focus on the important, seemingly smaller things, such as helping others wherever possible.

“My family is immensely supportive, always willing to open their hearts to those in need. My colleagues are one of the biggest perks about working at Energy FM. Our team is mostly women which means we share a sisterly bond and we can talk with each other about our worries and problems, knowing the information will remain confidential because everyone is awesome and trustworthy.”

Her advice to others who want to pursue a career in bookkeeping is they must have focus and patience as personal attributes, and a keen eye for detail. Determination and hard work are the key factors to making a success of any endeavour and bookkeeping is no different.


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