In loving memory of Madiba

The 20/6Figures hitmaker, Thuto Tema wishes to retain Nelson Mandela's legacy and vision.

LIMPOPO – Musician Thuto Tema, better known by his stage name 2TO, pays homage to the fallen father of the nation, former struggle hero Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela with his latest hit, 20/6Figures.

“We decided to title the song 20/6Figures as we believe that Long Walk to Freedom means Long Walk to 6Figures and we continue the legacy of the father of the nation -Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. His vision was to see ordinary South African citizens obtain financial freedom through the democracy we have. The song is focused mainly on Roli, as it’s a shortcut to Mandela’s first name which is Rolihlahla,” explained Tema.

Born and raised in Alexander, Gauteng, 2TO and his brother Thando, said the idea behind the song is to encourage the nation to change the name of the current currency which is used in South Africa, from Rand to Roli, as they believe it can be a great way to remember the former president of the republic of South Africa.

2TO is a musician, freelance actor, scriptwriter, director and music composer. He graduated in 2014 with a diploma in drama and completed his B.Tech in drama and film studies at The Tshwane University of Technology. He then opened his own company, Visionary Performance Art Events, which he co-owns with Thando. It focuses on music, theatre, film and performance art events. Like many other artists in the country, 2TO believes that if people support local music and films, art can be used to change the world or the country.

“Art can be used as a tool to fight poverty and crime only if we can stop the spread of piracy which demotivates our artists to produce quality music and films,” he said. Other projects he has worked on include working at the Olive Tree Theatre as a drama facilitator, directing and writing scripts.

In 2015 his single ‘Africa,’ received major response from media platforms. The song speaks out against Xenophobia and violence and is currently available for downloads on YouTube.


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