5 tips on how to avoid stress

POLOKWANE – Starting a new week, a new job or even a new relationship can be stressful and not everyone knows how to deal with being anxious about these situations.

Consultants at the Polokwane Sleep Centre however, have treated enough patients to know the symptoms and possible remedies for stress which leads to sleeplessness.

Have you ever wondered why after a stressful experience, such as getting into a fight with your spouse or hearing that you may be laid off at work, you have a physical reaction such a headache or stomach pain? According to a sleep therapist in the city, Mike Nkomo, this is because stress is a physical experience.

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He says to avoid letting stress consume your life, there are a few things you could do. These include:

  1. Identifying triggers – After figuring out what exactly is working you up, you can create a list of your top triggers and then work on eliminating them if possible, or at least changing your reactions.
  2. Turning off your phone – While you can’t keep the phone off 24/7, you should have certain times planned throughout the day in which you keep your phone off for a little piece of mind.
  3. Getting organised – Whether it’s in the home or at the workplace, disorganisation is one of the most common stress triggers.
  4. Quit filling up your calendar – If you edit your list of commitments, you will likely notice you suddenly do have some much-needed free time, which will help destress your life.
  5. Avoid multitasking – Forcing yourself to do more than one thing at a time may lead to not giving enough attention or half-baked jobs that will lead to more stress.

Mike Nkomo says the most important part of relieving stress is doing something you enjoy, regularly.

“To reduce stress in life, make time to do something pleasurable. It could be something as simple as enjoying your favourite show, taking a nap, going to the movies, talking to a friend, listening to your favourite music, or planning a vacation. This will help your body and mind relax and gear you up for the week to come”.

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