Car guard nightmare for Polokwane residents

POLOKWANE – In one such a case, Marlene Burger told of her experience.

“I work in Hans van Rensburg Street and I have to park there daily. I arrive at work every morning at around 08:00 and leave just past 17:00, that is when the nightmare begins,” she said.

Burger said that there were no problems initially.

“The car guard would sit on my car’s bonnet if I didn’t want to pay him for his ‘services’. He wanted money from me daily and it got so bad that one day when I didn’t want to pay him, he kicked a dent into my car. I cannot afford to pay him everyday, I don’t have that kind of money,” she adds dispirited.
She said due to the car guard’s aggressive behaviour she now needs to leave her car at home and carpool to work. Burger is only one of several people who complained about the car guards in streets such as Hans van Rensburg.

A security guard in the same street, Frans Maremi, said he had been involved in several arguments and fights with the car guards.

“Motorists who are not clients of my employer keep parking their vehicles in front of the business entrance and keep clients from having access to the business. When I inform the motorists of this fact and ask them to move their vehicles I get yelled at by the car guards who claim I take away their business,” Maremi said.

He was recently almost hit over the head with a beer bottle in an argument, he explained.

“The car guard yelled and cussed at me when I asked his ‘client’, who was parked on the loading zone, to move his vehicle so our delivery vehicle could use the designated area. I even threatened to call the police to which he just laughed and said they can’t do anything and that he’ll just be back the following day,” Maremi added.

Other motorists who complained said their vehicles were often scratched with keys or other sharp items, some windows even being broken, if they did not pay because car guards designate the certain area for their “clients” and demand payment for their “services”.

Polokwane Police Spokesperson, WO Lesiba Ramoshaba, told Review that police, in collaboration with the municipality, regularly remove these people from the streets, but explained that homelessness forces them to return to the streets.

“We remove them today, but tomorrow they are back again,” he explained.

He encouraged anyone who experience this type of harassment to report the matter to the police so an investigation into the matter can be launched and a case against the culprits can be built.

“There are many means and ways police can investigate a case and get information, people just need to trust us and work with us to stop criminal elements in the city,” Ramoshaba said.


If you were a victim of such an incident contact us to let us know what happened.

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For more breaking news visit us on ReviewOnline and CapricornReview or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

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