Gifts galore for learners at Mothapo Primary

Hodi Tsamago.

GA-MOLEPO – A kind-hearted local celebrity took the road less travelled while celebrating his birthday recently.

Hodi Tsamago (39), a Thobela FM sports presenter, donated school shoes, uniforms and soccer kits to the excited learners of Mothapo Primary School in Sebjeng village, Ga-Molepo last Thursday.

Tsamago said the donation serves as a way to encourage learners to participate in sport and also to provide confidence to those who are in need of proper school uniforms.

Accompanied by his wife, Tshidi, he also made donations to four other schools. He believes a healthy community is a wealthy community, and that is why he saw a need to donate soccer kits to the learners in order to encourage them to keep fit.

“These donations serve as a way to encourage the children to continue taking parts in sporting activities, to work hard to reach their goals, and also to help them not to engage in criminal activities,” Tsamago said.

He explained that there is a lot of talent in the province which needs to be nourished through their support.

“We are the children’s pillars and without us their dreams are nothing. We should set good examples for our children for them to also become future good leaders.”

“Our children must learn that winning and losing are both temporary, and that they can’t give up or quit their dreams. Learning to become a team player is also important for children who may prefer to be the centre of attention,” he says.

A Gr 3 learner, Samuel Letsoalo (8), said having to go to school barefooted was a challenge to him and he is happy with the new shoes.

David Mokubela, Spokesperson for the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS), said learners should focus on their studies in order to succeed.

“National teams are in need of young talented soccer stars and we believe through our support, we can play a role in assisting the youth to become the best soccer stars.”

Mothapo Primary School Principal, Sarah Mothapo, said she believes the donation will improve the sport status at their school.

“This is a good motivation for our learners and we hope the soccer kits will encourage them to take part in various sporting activities,” she said.

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