Stay alert! It’s fireworks season

POLOKWANE – One thing synonymous with New Year’s celebrations is fireworks.

While they are entertaining to watch, the sound fireworks make is terrifying to animals. Pet owners then have the hard task of keeping their pets out of harm’s way and fireworks displays out of ear shot of their cats and dogs.

Many can tell stories of the frightening behaviour their pets display when fireworks go off.

Review spoke to sister Arona Becker from the Pietersburg Animal Clinic about how to keep your pets calm and safe on New Year’s Eve.

Sister Becker’s advice:

  • Exercise your dog as much as possible on the day leading to New Year’s Eve so that they are tired.
  • Talk to your vet about acquiring calming tablets to help them with anxiety.
  • Try and stay home for New Year’s if your pet is known to be very scared, the worst accidents happen when owners are not home.
  • Place animals in a calm environment, a dark room with the television or radio on to distract them from the noise outside.
  • Give them toys to play with when the noise starts to distract them.


Maretha Swanepoel

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