Bridge a beacon of commuter safety

A new bridge will bring relief to residents of Lenyenye, Mohlaba Cross and Ramokako outside Tzaneen. The bridge is being built by the Greater Tzaneen Municipality.

LIMPOPO – According to several residents in the areas, many find it difficult to cross the Mokonyane River that connects Lenyenye and Ramokako townships, especially during rainy days. The Greater Tzaneen Municipality adhered to their concerns and are in the process of building a bridge to help resolve some of their concerns.
One of the residents told CV the bridge will save many lives as people have drowned in while attempting to cross the river in the past.
One resident, Nancy Shikwanbana, said: “We are thankful and happy with what the municipality is doing for us by building a bridge as this will make it easy and safe for residents to cross the river”.
She added that the bridge will help to make the area safer as criminals used to hide in the bushes where they would prey on passersby and rob them of their possessions.
“We used to cross the river in groups to avoid being attacked, especially in the early hours when people were on their way to work,” Shikwanbana said.
Ward 32 councillor, Rebecca Kgatla, said: “After we realised many people are struggling to cross the river, we came up with a plan to build a bridge. This bridge will help many in our community as most of them work in the Lenyenye township”.
Kgatla added the Community Working Programme workers have been deployed to monitor the area and to keep an eye on residents including children who travel by the construction site to keep criminal elements at bay.
Greater Tzaneen Municipality Spokesperson, Nevile Ndlala, said: “The bridge will serve good purpose for the community. As the municipality, we are thankful for all the support we get from the community and other stakeholders. We expect the project to be finalised soon so resident can cross easily and with peace of mind to their safety”.
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