4 Fail-safe flabby-arm busting exercises

POLOKWANE – Personal trainer Liana Fourie says she has worked with women of all ages and sizes and most of them have the same complaint, flabby arms.

She shared a few tips to help get rid of “bat wings” in four easy steps.

“By doing four easy exercises twice a week ,women can lose the flab and wear their off-the-shoulder summer dresses with confidence,” she says.

Here are Liana’s fail-safe exercises:

1. Dips – Grab a chair, small ladder or you can use your couch. With your back against the seat, rest your palms on the seat, and push up and down at a steady pace without your bum touching the floor.

2. Wall push-ups – Stand about an arm’s length away from the wall and put your palms against the wall, push yourself away from the wall as you would if you were doing push-ups on the floor.

3. Half circle rotations – Stretch out your arms to your sides and make small half circle movements, forwards and backwards. It seems easy but you’ll soon feel the burn.

4. Triceps kickbacks – Grab a pair of small weights, canned food or anything that carries a bit of weight, bend forward and rest your hands on your chest. For this exercise, you need to hold the weights to your chest, straighten your arms to the back, bring your hands back to your chest and repeat.

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