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POLOKWANE – The 18-year-old from Sebayeng village has about six unpublished books under her belt thus far. She says writing is her passion and is what she wants to make a career from. She says her latest offering, a short story titled Gona le lebone ka morago ga leswiswi (there is light at the end of the tunnel), is her personal favourite. “It is based in the deep rural area where an orphan faces life in poverty. Eventually the orphan is rescued by a good Samaritan in the community, afforded an opportunity to go to school and, against all odds, becomes a doctor.”

She says the lesson is never to give up or dream small due to our circumstances because they are a temporary setback.

Batheccia says her own reality of a disadvantaged background has motivated her to work hard so she can bring about change to her family life. She explains the community is faced with social challenges such as substance abuse, school drop-outs, crime and teenage pregnancy.

“Although we live in poverty, I decided to look on the bright side of life by empowering myself so that I can give back to my community.” She says she wants to share her stories and also inspire other young people.

The Gr 11 learner from Mafolofolo High School says she writes in Sepedi because she wants to promote the language. “I have always been a top A student in Sepedi and have always been fond of reading. My teachers encouraged me to try my hand at writing and I have never looked back.” She admits that balancing schoolwork and writing is not always easy, however she makes time for both. She says she usually scribbles during break- time in school.” It is not easy to track down all my work because sometimes I lose my books or they get damaged by rain. She recalls an incident where her scribbling book was lost and she had to rewrite everything. She says she would like a laptop so that she can keep a safe record of her work.

Her goal is to publish her stories and be celebrated among the best writers in the world who contribute to promoting African languages. “Anyone who would like to contribute as I kick-start my writing career can contact my school.”

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