General Notices

NOTICE OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCES) In terms of Regulation 982 of the Regulations published in Government Notice No. 38282 of 2014 under Section 54 read with Section 44 of the NEMA, Act (Act No. 107 of 1998), notice is hereby given that Mr Shibambu Risenga Robert is of intention to carry out the following activity: Activity 28 of R. 327 of 2014: `Residential, Mixed, Retail, Commercial, Industrial or Institutional development where such land were used for agriculture, game farming, equestrian purposes or afforestation on or after 1 April 1998 and where such development: (i) will occur inside an urban area, where the total land to be developed is bigger than 5 hectares, or (ii) will occur outside an urban area, where the total land to be developed is bigger than 1 hectare: excluding where such land has already been developed for residential, mixed, retail, commercial, industrial or institutional purposes." Project Name: proposed development of shopping complex located at Saselamani within Lim345 local municipality in the jurisdiction of Vhembe district: Limpopo province. Project description: The proposed development will consist of the following: *Main shopping complex *Cambridge *KFC area *Septic tank area. Project location: The proposed development will be located at site number 108 in Saselamani, within Lim345 Local Municipality of Vhembe District For the above development to be undertaken, an Environmental Impact Assessment process (Basic assessment Process) is required, and the project will be registered with the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) In order to ensure that you are identified as an interested and/or affected party, please submit in writing your name, contact details and interest in the matter within 30 (thirty days) of publication of this advertisement to the address hereunder: Environmental Assessment Practitioner Luvhone Environmental Consultants P.O. Box 2134 THOHOYANDOU 0950 Contact person: Mr Luvhengo Charles Cell: 082 361 4905 Fax: 086 617 1045 Email: Details of the applicant Name of Applicant: Mr. Shibambu Risenga Robert Postal address: P.O. Box 169 Saselamani 0982 Contact person: Mr Shibambu R.R Cell: 082 649 6573 - LE001318

KENNISGEWING Ek, Theo Kotze, as die agent van die eienaar van ondergemelde eiendom, gee hiermee ingevolge artikel 56 (1)(b)(i) van die Ordonnansie op Dorpsbeplanning en Dorpe (Ordonnansie 15 van 1986), kennis dat ek aansoek gedoen het by die volgende munisipaliteit vir die hersonering van die volgende eiendom: Polokwane Munisipaliteit ` POLOKWANE WYSIGINGSKEMA 615: Deur hersonering van Gedeelte 3 van Erf 911 Pietersburg (53A Groblerstraat) vanaf `Residensieel 1` na `Spesiaal` vir mediese spreekkamers. Besonderhede van voormelde aansoek lê ter insae gedurende gewone kantoorure by die kantoor van die Bestuurder: Beplanning (Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbestuur), 1 ste vloer, westelike vleuel, Burgersentrum, Landdros Maréstraat, Polokwane, vir `n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 16 Junie 2017. Besware teen of vertoë ten opsigte van die aansoek moet binne `n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 16 Junie 2017 skriftelik by of tot die Bestuurder: Beplanning (Ruimtelike Beplanning en Grondgebruikbestuur), by bovermelde adres of by Posbus 111, Polokwane, 0700 ingedien of gerig word. Agent: DEVELOPLAN Posbus 1883 Polokwane 0700 Fax: 086 218 3267 Epos: Faks: 0862183267 - SA000559

NOTICE I, Theo Kotze, as the agent of the owner of the property mentioned below, hereby give notice in terms of Section 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance (Ordinance 15 of 1986), that I have applied to the following municipality for the rezoning of the following property: Polokwane Municipality - POLOKWANE AMENDMENT SCHEME 615: Rezoning of Portion 3 of Erf 911 (53A Grobler Street) from `Residential 1` to `Special` for medical consulting rooms. Particulars of the above application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Manager: Spatial Planning & Land Use Management, Second Floor, West Wing, Civic Centre, c/o Landdros Mare & Bodenstein Streets, Polokwane for a period of 30 days from 16 June 2017. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the mentioned municipality within a period of 30 days from 16 June 2017. Agent: DEVELOPLAN P.O. Box 1883 Polokwane 0700 Fax: 086 218 3267 Email: Fax: 0862183267. - SA000560

KENNISGEWING Kennis geskied hiermee in terme van die MAKHADO MUNISIPALITEIT RUIMTELIKE BEPLANNING, GRONDONTWIKKELING EN GRONDGEBRUIKBESTUUR- SBYWET 2016, dat ondergemelde aansoek deur die Makhado plaaslike munisipaliteit ontvang is en ter insae beskikbaar is, gedurende gewone kantoorure, by die Direkteur, Munisipale sekretariaat,1 ste vloer, Burgersentrum, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), (128 Kroghstraat), vir `n tydperk van 30 dae vanaf 14 Junie 2017. Enige beswaar/vertoë moet hetsy skriftelik of mondelings (indien u nie kan skryf nie), by of tot die Munisipale Bestuurder voor die sluitingsdatum vir die indiening van sodanige besware/vertoë by bovermelde adres of by Privaatsak x2596, Louis Trichardt, 0920 ingedien of gerig word, tesame met vermelding van ondergenoemde beskrywing van die aansoek, die beswaarmaker se belang in die saak, die grond(e) van die beswaar/vertoë, die beswaarmaker se erfnommer en telefoonnommer(s) en adres. SLUITINGSDATUM VIR DIE INDIENING VAN BESWARE/VERTOË: 14 Julie 2017. AARD VAN AANSOEK: Aansoek om spesiale toestemming vanaf die Makhado Plaaslike Munisipaliteit in terme van Klousule 22 van die Makhado Grondgebruikskema 2009 om `n Plek van Opleiding (crèche) op die perseel te bedryf. EIENAAR: RP & GS MALEMA. Adres: 51 Cronjestraat. Agent: Developlan Bus 1883 Polokwane 0700 Faks: 086 218 3267 - SA000563

NOTICE Notice is hereby given in terms of the MAKHADO MUNICIPALITY SPATIAL PLANNING, LAND DEVELOPMENT AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BY- LAW 2016 that the undermentioned application has been received by the Makhado Local Municipality and is open for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Director, Municipal Secretariat, 1st floor, Civic centre, Makhado (Louis Trichardt), (128 Krogh street), for a period of 30 days from 14 June 2017. Any objections/representations must be lodged with or made in writing, or verbally if unable to write, to the Municipal Manager, at the above-mentioned address or posted to Private bag x2596, Makhado, 0920 on or before the closing date for the submission of objections/ representations, quoting the below mentioned application description, the objector`s interest in the matter, the ground(s) of the objection/ representation, the objector`s erf number and phone numbers and address. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF OBJECTIONS/ REPRESENTATIONS: 14 July 2017. A) NATURE OF APPLICATION: Application in terms of Clause 22 of the Makhado Land Use Scheme for Special consent from the municipality to conduct a PLACE OF INSTRUCTION (crèche) on the Remainder of Erf 576 Louis Trichardt. OWNER: RP & GS MALEMA. Address: 51 Cronje Street. Address of authorised agent: Developlan Box 1883 Polokwane 0700 Fax: 086 218 3267 - SA000564

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