Trophy hunting: Skinning with care

T is important for hunters to become familiar with proper caping procedures. Correct caping will allow the hunter extra time on the safari as the cape will be prepared and preserved straight away.

Is it legal to use a silencer when hunting in South Africa?

Limpopo: LEMA do not prohibit the use of a silencer on a gun when hunting. Please read Art 38 in LEMA to get clarity. It is advised that the hunter obtain permission/find out from the farm owner if he allows silencers on his property or not. Gauteng: Gauteng Ordinance 12 of 1983 does not prohibit…

Birds and bows, all you need to know

BIRD Hunting – some 14 species of ducks, 2 geese, 10 partridge (francolin), 2 pheasant-sized birds (guinea-fowl), pigeons, doves and quail are available for hunting purposes. Bow/Black Powder/Handgun Hunting Any of these three methods are legal in at least one of South Africa’s provinces, although restrictions may be imposed on the species of animal to…

Professional Hunter as a career choice

PROFFESTIONAL hunting is an exciting and rewarding career choice. Spending time in the great outdoors and around the campfire with wonderful people – clients, trackers, camp staff, fellow professionals – leaves one with unforgettable memories.

The leopard and lion aging test

MUCH of leopard range in South Africa extends beyond the borders of protected areas. Leopards are only likely to be tolerated in these areas if their economic value exceeds their real or perceived cost.

7 easy steps to change a flat tyre

As motorists get ready to travel during the long weekend, Review asked seasoned motorist, Vivian Buys, to explain how to change a flat tyre.